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Commission advances for Realtors.

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1. Why Real Access Capital?

2. How quickly can I set up an account with Real Access Capital Ltd?

3. When can I submit an Advance Request?

4. How do I apply for a Commission Advance?

5. Are there any other mandatory requirements I need to know in order for my advance to be processed?

6. Do I have to also submit my deal paperwork to RAC for them to verify the deal information?

7. What is the process after I submit an advance request?

8. Does my brokerage need to be registered with you?

11. What is the maximum amount that can be advanced?

13. What type of real estate transactions do you advance commission on?

14. What is the process of repaying back the Commission Advance to RAC?

15. What happens if the closing date for my deal has been extended?

16. What happens if my deal does not close?

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